SSI Offers Workshop on Spatial Thinking and Analysis for the Humanities to USC Faculty and Graduate Students

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On January 28-29, 2013, Professor of History Phil Ethington and Professor of Spatial Sciences Karen Kemp will welcome up to 20 faculty members and graduate students for a two-day workshop on spatial thinking and analysis in the humanities.

ssiworkshoThe humanities have been heavily influenced by a conceptual and methodological reorientation known as the “spatial turn,” proceeding from the recognition that everything, literally,takes place.  Ethington and Kemp are offering the current workshop to build on a previous seminar held in 2011 to introduce the theoretical and methodological issues involved in introducing spatial research.

The workshop has four modules: 1. participants will discuss their own work within the context of conceptual and representational issues pertaining to place, 2. small group discussions aimed toward formulating a vision of opportunities for research and learning, 3. introduction to skills and tools to support methods of analysis and interpretation, and 4. tutorials with Spatial Science faculty and staff to explore subjects of interest.

The workshop is free to USC faculty and graduate students, with participation limited to 20.  If you are interested in attending, submit a project title, one-paragraph description of your research, and the details of your USC position to

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