Nancy Milholland Named as USC Esri Development Center Student of the Year

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The USC Spatial Sciences Institute had named Nancy Milholland as the USC Esri Development Center (EDC) Student of the Year.

Milholland was selected on the basis of an application that maps public art using social media and volunteered geographic information.  The tool displays a novel and highly creative use of GIS-based tools, mash-up techniques, and integration of disparate types of data into a highly useful and exciting web programming project.  The site has a unique user interface, demonstrating the high potential of using GIS to help provide visually compelling, interactive educational material.

Milholland’s work can be viewed at

This interactive map is also a finalist in the Robert Raskin Mashup Mapping Competition.  You can vote online in the competition until April 5, 2013.

Before pursuing an M.S. in the USC GIST program, Nancy worked in a variety of IT roles at Genentech and other tech firms with a focus on configuration management systems.  She is also an ordained Episcopal priest and has served as preist associate at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco since 2000.

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