Madeline Rouse

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Madeline RouseI take pride in being a very multidisciplinary student. I’m pursuing a BA in Linguistics and Cognitive Science and a Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence (HSGI) minor and a Choreography minor. I’m also pursuing an MS in HSGI through the USC Progressive Degree program.

To me, the power of spatial studies is in data visualization. I am a visual thinker, so I best analyze data when I can take any problem in any field and put in on a map.

I have done data analysis in both psycholinguistics and national security, completing projects with outstanding faculty in the Language Processing Lab and the Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence.

I hope to continue this work in the public and private sectors internationally. I am interested in using mapping to research language migration/evolution, artificial intelligence in personal assistants, domestic counter-terrorism efforts and global security cooperation.

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