Jordan Chun

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Why Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence (HSGI)? To understand the relationship between psychology and human security, you have to dive into a little bit of both subjects.

The main goal of psychology is to create an understanding of the brain – the biological structure, cognitive processes, etc. A psychologist doesn’t just want to know what you’re thinking but how and why you’re thinking. It allows for a deeper understanding of a vital, yet mostly subconscious part of our existence. This understanding is comprised of many patterns. Patterns are useful – they’re a baseline that can give an indication of events to come. These events, especially in today’s age, can have a wide range of consequences. There is a need for people who understand how to deal with these events both on the global and individual scale.

Above all, in this tumultuous and unnerving world, there is a need for people who understand how to deal with today’s challenges while learning from yesterday’s, and preparing for tomorrow’s.

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