Debbie Lee elected USG President

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Madam President: USC Spatial’s Debbie Lee elected ’18-’19 Undergrad Student Government President

Debbie Lee, a sophomore majoring in political science and a student worker in the USC Spatial Sciences Institute, has won the USC Undergraduate Student Government (USG) presidential election, as announced at the February 20, 2018 USG senate meeting.

Lee and her vice presidential running mate, Blake Ackerman, received 49.19% of the total 4,627 votes cast by USC undergraduate students. They will lead the USG in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Lee and Ackerman ran on a platform aim at increasing overall safety and wellness on campus through several initiatives, including the establishment of rest and meditation spaces on campus, as well as an official system for ensuring student safety at Greek life events. Additionally, the pair plans on proposing a Transfer Resource Center, increasing collaboration between USG and other student organizations, and monitoring the launch of the first-year student development course.

Lee worked with USG Director of Wellness Affairs Marina Hrovat on a recently passed resolution that called for free menstrual products to be distributed throughout all restrooms on the University campus. Ackerman worked on several other initiatives throughout his term as a senator, including the creation of a first-year student development course for freshmen to enhance their adjustment to college.

The "Debbie + Blake" team have a history serving together. In addition to serving together this past year in the USG Senate, Lee and Ackerman also served as president and vice president at Beverly Hills High School together, each occupying both positions at different times.

“This year, Blake and I had the opportunity to serve as senators and while continuing through this term, we’ve realized that our heart and passion to serve all students and listen to their voices and needs extended far beyond our duties,” Lee said. “I’m excited to be leading the USG next year.”

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