Cameron Levine

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I remember sitting on a log at Boy Scout summer camp, listening to a lecture on compasses, UTM coordinate system, and satellites in order to get my orienteering merit badge. Although I’d like to say that I was deeply fascinated by this, in reality all I wanted was to be in the archery range with my friends. Little did I know then that eight years later those concepts would be the pillars to my passion for GeoDesign.

What appeals to me about the GeoDesign program is the rusticity of its interdisciplinary curricula. In this program I exercise creative thinking and also produce designs that are grounded in the geographic sciences. I’ve had the privilege to familiarize with several geospatial hardware and software applications through various research opportunities promoted by the institute. Some examples include having worked with Dr. Travis Longcore on characterizing light pollution along the coast of Southern California. I’ve also collaborated with Dr. Su Jin Lee on exploring the relationship between various socio-demographic parameters and home value in Los Angeles. Our USC Spatial Science Institute (SSI) has supplied me with numerous opportunities to engage with graduate and doctoral students, collaborate in research projects, and provide mentorship to others. After graduation I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography and utilize geospatial technologies to better understand human-environmental interactions.

I’m obliged to SSI for the opportunities they’ve awarded me and continues to encourage other undergraduates to explore the many facets of this science. As a rising sophomore I am aware my research interests will continue to evolve and look forward to more collaborative innovation in the progressive field of spatial sciences.

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