AAG / CSG announces Masters thesis grants

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Award Information

Enrolled Master’s students are invited to apply for the Cartography Specialty Group (CSG) Master’s Thesis Research Grants. These grants are intended to promote scholarly research in cartography by students enrolled in Geography or a related degree program. Grants are available up to a maximum of $500 and may be used for items necessary and relevant to research, such as travel, materials, equipment, and human subject fees. Deadlines for applications are March 15, June 15, and November 1 of each year.

Fundable Research

Fundable research must be cartographic in nature. Cartography must be the central focus of the research and not merely a tool used in support of other research. Funding will be awarded for travel that is related to the research, such as field work or data collection; this grant does not provide funding for travel to conferences.

Review of Proposals

Research proposals will be judged based upon (1) originality and clarity, (2) research design or plan of work, and (3) budget and justification. Budgets should be itemized and list additional sources of funding for expenses exceeding the amount requested from the Master’s Thesis Research Grants.

Proposals are reviewed in a non-blind process by a committee of three people selected by the Non-Academic Director in consultation with the CSG Chair. In some cases, applicants will be granted provisional funding pending resubmission of their application with the requested modifications of clarifications.

Date of Awards

Awards will be made two months after the review date for which the proposal was submitted.


To apply, you must be a current member of the AAG and the Cartography Specialty Group. The application is available from the CSG Web site. Fill out the form completely. Note that the applicant and the advisor are jointly responsible for the accuracy and validity of all information on the application. In addition, you must receive approval from the human subjects review board at the institution where you are currently enrolled before funding will be awarded for research involving human subjects.

Applications must be received by the deadline in order to be considered for funding. Grant application deadlines are March 15, June 15, and November 1.

Submitting the Application

Submit the application form and research plan as a PDF or Word document to the CSG Non-Academic Director, Rhonda Glennon, via e-mail at You will receive an e-mail reply once your submission has been received.

Good luck with the competition!

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