Monthly Archives: November 2022

Chen-Lun Kao

I majored in management science and finance as an undergraduate student. My degree focused on finding the optimum solutions for operating costs and financial activities. However, I quickly realized that socioeconomic and spatial factors solutions were often overlooked. In reality, we could always find ways to improve businesses operations or places where people tend to…
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Kathy Chen

I've been interested in solving real-life practical problems utilizing my mathematical background and software programming skills. While doing my bachelor's degree in physics, I discovered that data analytics and software development skills were very crucial in our daily lives. The MS Spatial Economics and Data Analysis (SEDA) Program seamlessly merges statistics, economics and geographic data…
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Olivia Lewis

As an undergraduate at USC, I was part of the B.A. Economics program. I have a strong inclination toward statistics and math, and I loved how a degree in Economics allowed me to understand complex, real-world problems using a variety of statistical analysis techniques. Economics is a very broad field of study with many potential…
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SSI celebrates Halloween

            The Spatial Sciences Institute Star Fleet made a Halloween appearance under the command of Captain Susan Kamei, with Officers An-Min Wu, Yi Qi, and Dairon Caro. SSCI 382: Geographic Information Science: Spatial Analysis and SSCI 574: Spatial Economics also got into the spooky spirit.          …
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