Recent Publications

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Read some of the recent publications from USC Spatial Sciences Institute faculty:

Zhang, L. L., Yue, T. X., Wilson, J. P., Zhao, N., Du, Z. P., & Liu, X., A comparison of satellite observations with the XCO2 surface obtained by fusing TCCON measurements and GEOS-Chem model outputs. Science of the Total Environment, 601-602, 1575-1590, December 2017.

Brandt, S. J., Dickinson, B., Ghosh, R., Perez, L., Lurmann, F., Penfold, B., Wilson, J. P., Millet, M., Künzli, N., & McConnell, R., Costs of coronary heart disease and mortality associated with near-roadway air pollution. Science of the Total Environment, 601-602, 391-396, December 2017.

Gillespie, T. W., K. S. Willis, S. Ostermann-Kelm, T. Longcore, F. Federico, L. Lee, and G. M. MacDonald. Inventorying and monitoring night light distribution and dynamics in the Mediterranean Coast Network of Southern California. Natural Areas Journal 37(3):500–510, July 2017.

Elson, L., Wright, K., Swift, J., and Feldmeier, H. Control of Tungiasis in Absence of a Roadmap: Grassroots and Global Approaches. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, July 2017.

Bernstein, J. Mother Earth and Earth Mothers: Why Environmentalism has a Gender Problem. Breakthrough Journal, June 2017.

Lee, S.J., Longcore, T., Rich, C., and J.P. Wilson, Increased home size and hardscape decreases urban forest cover in Los Angeles County’s single-family residential neighborhoods. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 24, 222-235, May 2017.

Bernstein, J. Vickers Hot Springs: Ecotopia or Tragedy of the Commons? Case Studies in the Environment, 1(1), 1-6. April 2017.

Chiang, Y.-Y. Unlocking Textual Content from Historical Maps – Potentials & Applications, Trends, and Outlooks. In S. K.C., H. Mallikarjun, B. Vitoantonio, and N. Atul (eds.), Recent Trends in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 709, 111–124. Singapore: Springer, April 2017.

Fleming, S., Janocha, B., and Machado, L. “The Fluid Employee: Adaptability in the 21st Century.” In The State and Future of GEOINT 2017, January 2017.