Sarah J. Ellis

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Right after graduating USC in May 2015 with a major in Policy, Planning, and Development and a minor in Spatial Studies, I started a job as a contracted GIS Technician for Apple engineering teams. I work with spatial data providing technical services, assessing, validating and enhancing world location data content for consumer applications and metrics. My minor in spatial studies exposed me to GIS and encouraged me to pursue outside projects and research, which helped me in the interview process, and gave me a diversity of experiences to bring to the Maps Team.  While working with Apple, I obtained the USC GIST online graduate certificate, choosing the courses with the most relevance to my career. With the graduate certificate on my resume, I am in a better place to take on more responsibilities and opportunities at Apple. The entire Spatial Sciences Institute has been very helpful and understanding while I complete this step and consider pursuing the online MS in GIST degree.


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