Izzy Mitchell

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Spatial design and the built environment have interested me from the beginning of my education at USC. Starting off in the five-year Bachelor of Architecture professional degree program, I soon found that I wanted to study and interact with spatial issues on a multitude of scales that were impractical to cover in a purely architectural education and career. Choosing to study GeoDesign as a major with Architecture as a minor has been the best choice I’ve made at USC.

The GeoDesign major provides the broad perspective on the spatial, environmental, political, economic, and social issues I need to analyze and affect the built environment in an attentive and inclusive way. By keeping a minor in Architecture, I am familiarizing myself with the design theory that informs the existing built environment, predicts future development, and creates the basic socio-spatial units of society.

I plan to be an urban designer, employing the skill sets provided by the interdisciplinary courses of GeoDesign and the design insights from Architecture.

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