SSI’s Geospatial Summit spotlights leadership and entrepreneurship

[small]David DiBiase, Team Lead-Education, Esri[/small]

At the Fourth Annual Geospatial Summit presented by the USC Spatial Sciences Institute on Friday, February 21, 2014, geospatial industry leaders David DiBiase and Clark Easter addressed the tremendous opportunities available to those who can lead and innovate in geospatial sciences and technologies. DiBiase, team lead for the education industry...
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Monty Hasan

When I first got accepted into the USC School of Architecture, I was thrilled – studying to become an architect had always been my childhood dream. However, after a year in the Bachelor of Architecture program, I realized that I needed more flexibility and variety in my schedule with my current interests and pursuits. GeoDesign allows...
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Declan Sullivan

I still remember the moment I decided to pursue architecture. My 6th grade teacher was lecturing the class about the Roman Empire, and I became immediately captivated by how their innovative structural designs impacted the extent of growth and power they achieved. As I grew older, my fascination for spatial design and the built environment...
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Courtney Fassett

Courtney Fassett is a GeoDesign major at the University of Southern California Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute where she is a Presidential Scholar and a 2016/2017 recipient of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation Scholarship. At USC, Courtney is a student researcher working on a team lead by Dr. John Wilson and Beau MacDonald that is using...
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