USC GeoScavenge

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USC GeoScavenge

Explore the USC University Park campus with your smart phone to follow clues about USC history, folklore, and trivia, as you scavenge for locations and their hidden prizes. Visit and register as many locations as you can! Prizes awarded for sites visited. You can do this individually or as part of a group (maximum 5 people) on Friday afternoon of Welcome Week, January 6, 2017, starting at 3 pm at Tommy Trojan.

Required Resources

  • Smart phone
  • Internet connection
  • QR Code scanner app (search: Scan)

Scan this QR Code to test your QR app:
Spatial Sciences GeoScavenge QR test
This QR Code should take you to the Spatial Sciences Institute website homepage.


Meet at Tommy Trojan at 3 pm on Friday, January 6, 2017.

You will get directions and clues to locate landmarks on campus. Once you find a designated landmark, scan the QR Code, respond to the question, and include your team name. You have now completed one GeoScavenge site.

Try to be discrete, and leave landmarks and QR Codes in the same location and condition as you found them. Specific instructions of the course map will be provided the day of the event.

USC Dornsife GeoDesign majors, Spatial Studies minors, and Spatial Sciences Institute faculty will be on hand to help.

Return to Tommy Trojan for a recap and prize ceremony.
Read about and view photos of a past USC GeoScavenge.


Like GeoScavenging? Take SSCI 135L: Maps in the Digital World (fulfills Quantitative Reasoning), SSCI 214g: Human Populations and Natural Hazards, or SSCI 301L: Maps and Spatial Reasoning.