SC Mappers

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SC Mappers is a place for anyone who wants to understand how mapping and Geographic Information Science and Systems (GIS) can be applied to anything from humanitarian efforts to public policy to environmentalism.

We aim to provide students with the opportunity to utilize GIS technologies, mapping techniques and open-source data for mapping projects.

One way in which SC Mappers accomplishes this is to help map areas around the world struck by disaster with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap. In our annual mapathon in celebration of GIS Day, we also work with other members of the mapping community, including students at other universities. Read more about the 2020 Mapathon and the 2017 Mapathon.

Through these and other activities, SC Mappers help its members advance their academic and personal goals of developing their GIS skills.

SC Mappers is the University of Southern California chapter of YouthMappers, an international university consortium on Mapping for Resilience.

Professor Elisabeth Sedano is the faculty advisor of this student organization, officially recognized by USC Student Affairs.

We welcome your participation! To get involved and to receive announcements of our upcoming mapathons and other future activities, email us at and follow us on Facebook.


The members of the 2022-2023 Executive Board are:







[L-R] Nicole Carrera, Co-Director of Outreach; Anoushka Chandra, Co-Director of Outreach; Eva Shafman, President; Beatrix Heard, Co-Director of Programming; and Kelly Kwok, Co-Director of Programming

The members of the 2021-2022 Executive Board are:

[L-R] Will Forker, President; Sophie Beck, Marketing Director; and Eva Shafman, Programming Director

The members of the 2021-2020 Executive Board were:


President: Will Forker
Treasurer: Anoushka Chandra

The members of the 2020-2021 SC Mappers Executive Board were:





President: Seher Randhawa
Vice President of Programming: Amelia Danholm-Pearce
Vice President of Programming: Will Forker
Treasurer: Anoushka Chandra

The members of the 2017-2018 SC Mappers Executive Board were:
President: Sam Levi
Vice President: Lauren Mullarkey-Williams
Program Director: Mia Poyner
PR Director: Yen Nguyen
Finance Director: Jenna Gray

The members of the inaugural SC Mappers Executive Board for 2016-2017 were:

President: Robin Franke
Vice President: Alex Chen
Secretary/Treasurer: Joanna Wang
Program Director: Natalie Millstein
Publicity Director: Rich Windisch

Congratulations to the inaugural board for receiving the YouthMappers 2018 Women’s Participation Award for engaging a majority of female student mappers in its YouthMappers chapter leadership and membership!