Rachel Solomon

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As most engineers, I have always loved problem solving, but as I begin to think about my future, I want to increase the scope of the issues I’m confronting. In addition to computer science, I’ve always been interested in tackling and preventing major international security breaches, specifically related to terrorism, war and political violence, as well as environmental crises. When I heard about this new minor, I knew it would be a unique chance to combine my technical skills with my concern about global conflict.

Computer science, as well as other forms of engineering, focuses on how to apply mathematical and scientific concepts to approach real world problems and improve current technologies. By also studying Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence, I can be armed with the skills to pinpoint massive and often dire emergencies and work to collect information pertinent to aiding those involved. This program focuses on logistics: the where, the when, and quite often the how and why of worldwide catastrophes. Without it, other professionals with the skills to help, such as engineers, would struggle to know how to approach such situations. Through the Spatial Sciences Institute, I can now prepare to help on both sides of the process.

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