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Coby Cohen

As Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, says "GeoDesign is a vision for using geographic knowledge to actively and thoughtfully design." Because I have family living all over the world, I was fortunate at a young age to gain a good amount of travel experience. Through my travel, I was able to gain a broader vantage…
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Natalie Millstein

I have always loved to explore. Whether I’m doing scientific diving on Ngederrak Reef in Palau or strolling through the nooks and crannies of downtown Los Angeles, there are always more details to discover. The details build the context of a city and the context is often the most important aspect to me. Having spent…
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Ben Banet

As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, I am researching with Professor Travis Longcore how light pollution might affect wildlife, the human experience, and astronomical observations across the National Park Service’s 408 units. I’m developing and carrying out a methodology for analyzing and processing remote sensing data from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Day-Night Band. Next,…
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Izzy Mitchell

When I first came to USC I knew that I wanted to study placemaking. I started my undergraduate in the Architecture program and spent my first year obsessing over the building as a unit of analysis. I quickly found that was more interested in how these units interacted and the circumstances that brought them into…
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